Photo by Josh Kerchief

July 27: Stoner’s (Boonville, Indiana)
Aug. 24: Lamasco (Evansville, Indiana)
Aug. 25: Melody Inn (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Aug. 31: Front Porch Fest (Evansville, Indiana)
Sept. 28: Live on the Banks (Owensboro, Kentucky)
Oct. 5: ParksFest Music Festival w/ various artists (Garvin Park, Evansville, Indiana)
Oct. 13: NoCo Maker’s Market (Evansville, Indiana)
Nov. 5: Bokeh Lounge w/ King Ropes and The Murdereds (Evansville, Indiana)
Nov. 9: Carson’s Brewery (Evansville, Indiana)
Nov. 23: CYO Brewery (Owensboro, Kentucky)
Dec. 7: Old Fox (Lynnville, Indiana)
Dec. 8: John Lennon Night w/ various artists at Bokeh Lounge (Evansville, Indiana)
Dec 14: Lamasco Bar w/ The Cold Stares (Evansville, Indiana)
Dec. 21: Black Cat Recording Night w/ The Jangle Sheep, Reed Four and Hannah Evelyn at Bokeh Lounge (Evansville, Indiana)
Jan. 25: The Narn w/ Dr. Rendezvous and The Jangle Sheep (Evansville, Indiana)
Feb. 1: Old Fox (Lynville, Indiana)