Corduroy Orbison’s new album bleeds ‘Red’

Red is the color of passion; the color of anger. It represents the lifeblood that’s in everyone, and the fire that destroys it. Death, anger, fervor, love, and life — all components that make up Corduroy Orbison’s first full-length album, “Red.”

The indie Americana psych-rock band’s new album went live on all major streaming platforms and online music stores July 12, 2019.

The Evansville, Indiana band had an eventful summer after “Red” released, including shows in Indianapolis, Owensboro and opening up for The Minks, the ParksFest Music Festival headliner, on the main stage.

The band is in the studio tracking and producing a to-be-named EP featuring songs crafted during a songwriting retreat in the Southern Indiana woods. The band is also writing and creating new songs for the live shows and an LP, expected to release later in 2020.